August 16, 2010

Cordova Photography Workshop!

Last month I hosted an amazing week long photography workshop in Cordova, a small idyllic fishing village on the shores of Prince William Sound. I was with a wonderful group of eight people that, despite a decent amount of rainfall, were eager to learn and practice photography in a uniquely Alaskan setting.
 We based ourselves at the Orca Adventure Lodge which couldn't have been more Alaskan, except for the fact that the meals were bordering on gourmet. Steve and Wendy did a terrific job making our stay as comfortable and as interesting as possible. We had our own van and spent our time exploring rainforest trails, calving glaciers, harbors, kelp box races, and anything else that caught our fancy. We came across moose, salmon in streams, bald eagles, nesting swans, and stunning scenery. One day was spent touring the sound with Steve and we had the thrill of walking in grizzly habitat and seeing a few come through the forest. We found dall porpoise, sea otters, jelly fish balls, and waterfalls, as well as many varieties of sea birds!
 We also had a member of the local Eyak native community come out and model for us during a lighting seminar!

 The trip was run through Journeys International and I was lucky enough to have the owners, Joan and Will Weber along for the trip. They're special people that run a special company.

 Below are some of my favorites from the week. Soon I'll post some of the group's photos!