May 16, 2011

Not Giving Up!

 Last week we had this crazy weather going on in Anchorage. I was coming home from the grocery store around ten in the evening or so, without my camera (cardinal sin!) and I couldn't help but notice there was all kinds of amazing light going on. There was clear sky in some areas, very dark clouds in others, rain here and there, and a couple of rainbows. I cursed myself for not having a camera and (slightly) sped home to get one.
 That accomplished, I started to panic- "Ok, where is the best spot to try and capture all that was going on?" It was then I realized the value of getting out more in my own town so I'd have a list of spots keyed in to shoot from depending on where the "action" was.
 I decided to go down the inlet a bit, it seemed the sunset may be amazing. Unfortunately that vantage lost much of the varied weather I was attracted to and I was running out of time to try and capture something. I took some decent photos at one spot and even had a nervous experience with a young bull moose- photos I'll share later, but all in all I was disappointed. I felt I had missed out on a special opportunity. I walked out to the mud flats and took some typical sunset photos and was pretty bummed, I knew I'd delete them when I got home. I lingered hoping to find something in the waning light. I noticed  a tiny patch of dried grass with a hint of the last glow of daylight and was drawn to it. There has to be something here. I lay on my stomach and noticed the nice juxtaposition of the frail willow branches near by against the colorful clouds and knew I found a photo I'd be happy with. I took several frames at a slow shutter speed with the camera resting on the ground.
  This is my favorite.
 I was happy to finally find a keeper and reassured myself of the value of not giving up!