November 13, 2012

2012 KVMR Celtic Festival

   Once again I was fortunate enough to be the photographer for KVMR's Celtic Festival held in the gorgeous confines of the Nevada County Fairgrounds in Grass valley, California. This was my 10th year as the festivals photographer and, as ever, I really, really, enjoyed the "work"!

   For two full days I wander amongst the historical and fantasy reenactment groups, musicians, artisans, and festival goers trying to capture the fun, excitement, and color of the event. It can be challenging. The festival is in late September or early October every year and we usually have warm, sunny days, which means some serious contrast for most of the day. Most of the photography is done with ambient light but I'll usually break out a reflector or a fill flash from time to time to lessen shadows. I also like to, at least once over the two days, bring out a strobe, power pack, and umbrella on a stand and try and capture some well lit portraits.

   Each year is special. After shooting the festival for so long you really start to know a lot of the folks who come year after year. I have running portraits of some people that I've been taking for years.

   Walking around with wonderful music emanating from various stages, laughter around every corner, surrounded by characters from another time, I really feel I've slipped into another world. It's a great escape, a wonderful element to practice one's creative pursuit.

  Besides all of that, the people at KVMR do a great job and are great to work with. I want to thank John Taber for having me back and making everything run so smoothly. A special thanks, of course, to Annie O'Dea Hestbeck who is the driving force and true spirit, as special as the festival itself!

 Here are some of my favorite images from this years event!