May 16, 2010

Turnagain Arm and the end of winter, I hope!

  I was driving along Turnagain Arm last week on my way to Girdwood. I LOVE this 45 minute drive and will find any excuse to do it. ( "I could sure use a cup of coffee- Hey! I hear Girdwood has coffee! Let's go!) Accent Alaska, my stock agency, is located there so instead of taking 15 minutes and dropping a disc in the mail I drive it down! Of course I always bring my camera.
  It was a grey, windy day, with not much exciting going on as far as light but I was attracted to the textures in the mud. I actually passed this spot up but then decided I needed to see if I could get something there. To get down to the mud I had to cross the Seward Highway, go down a small hill, cross the railroad tracks, and scramble over some boulders. That was no big deal. The wind was. Not only was it much stronger down here by the water, it was much colder. I, being such a smart and experienced Alaskan photographer, failed to put on the coat and light gloves I had sitting next to me in the car. Eventually it was very uncomfortable holding the frozen camera body in my bare hands so I'd take a few images, warm up my hands, take some more until I couldn't take it!
  Because it was so windy I took a lot of images of each composition to make sure I ended up with a sharp one. I'm glad I did because I really ended up with several blurred photos even with settings of 1/125 sec. at F13 and ISO 400.
  I love the texture of the mud. It was a no-brainer to convert the muted hues in this scene to black and white.
  The stacks of lumber, dropped of by the railroad for future repair work to the tracks, added an interesting contrast to the more natural elements and I couldn't help but experiment with them.
  As you can see there is no snow on the ground and it is rapidly melting off of the mountains. Summer is on the way!

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