June 12, 2010

2010 Costa Rica Safari- Day 1


 I just returned from leading my third photo safari in Costa Rica for Journeys International. I feel so lucky to be able to "work" in such an amazing place. Costa Rica is a photographer's paradise no matter what type of subjects you prefer. Each visit is different from the last. This year we had a little more rain than usual but still had a great time. Even though I get to revisit some areas there is always something new to observe. The light, an animal I've never seen, an interesting character, the rain. And always the people, "Ticos",  are friendly and generous with their knowledge and time. Oh and don't forget the great food and....COFFEE! Even though it's very warm and sometimes very humid, the coffee still always sounds good. The one souvenir I bring back for myself is a bag of the locally grown export.

 This year the group- Terry, Carolyn, John, Marie, and Chalsa, spent time in three different locations, the San Ramon Cloud Forest, the very active Arenal Volcano , and the rainforest of Tortuguaro on the Caribbean Coast. I then spent three days on my own in the very wild southwest region at the Tiskita Jungle Lodge.
 The added bonus for me is meeting the wonderful people that make up our group. Terry and Carolyn are friends from an Alaska trip several years ago and I was so grateful to be able to spend time with them again. Not only are they terrific people but they're talented photographers in their own right.
 I'll share photos for the next several days in sequence of our trip. I'll also post photos taken by the group as soon as I've collected them all!

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