March 21, 2013

Kenai Backcountry Lodge

    Last Summer I was asked to photograph the Kenai Backcountry Lodge (KBL) for Alaska Wildland Adventures. This lodge, accessible only by boat, sits near the shore of remote Skilak lake, a part of the Kenai River system in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.
    I was very excited to have this opportunity. As a photo guide for AWA I had been out to the lodge before but always "on duty" with our clients. Helping our guests with their photography is always my priority so I don't have the time and freedom to take as many images as I would if I was traveling on my own. Being hired to take promotional images for the lodge and the upcoming new website was a real treat. I had most of three days to just concentrate on image making! I was luck in that there was a great group of folks staying at the lodge that found it fun to have a photographer tailing them half the time and occasionally asking them "Can you hold right there for a second?", "Can you do that again?", "Can you take off the black coat so I can see your red fleece?". Etc. Etc.
 here are a few of my favorites that should give you a pretty good feel for the place!

Dining Hall, Kitchen, and Library.


Interior lit with a strobe via wireless trigger.

Activities (Kayaking not represented but is an option as well!)


Beer and Sodas kept ice-cold by the small creek running through camp.


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