October 28, 2010

Portrait #5: Susie

This is Susie. I was walking out of Kaladi Bros. on Northern Lights when I looked over and noticed her sitting next to the window. She looked interesting to me, I liked the light, the background was nice.
 I almost walked out without a word but I kept thinking "portrait for the blog!" She noticed me staring so I sat down and told her I was a photographer and I'd love to take her portrait. She was happy to pose so I ran out to the car and grabbed the camera. I have nice smiley pictures but this seemed the most genuine photo.
 We ended up talking for a few minutes. I found out she was from Scandanavia and when she visited her homeland recently she thought "my, we do all look alike!"- referring to the pale skin and very light colored hair.
 It's amazing what pleasant surprises come from being a little bold and asking to take someone's photo!
 Photo: Window light, 24-70mm at 35mm. ISO 800, F2.8 at 1/40th sec.

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