November 7, 2010

Christina and Chris: Engaged!

Ok, so I'm washing out on the portrait a day deal. I've been working at home or taking care of sick kids for a week and alas have failed. I'm still excited to be carrying my camera around more often again and am excited to get back out there.
 Meanwhile I do have a lot of work from the month to start posting.
 Here are some photos from an engagement session with Christina and Chris. We were lucky and were able to get outside when we had some light and color and no rain!
 Christina and Chris were both wonderful to work with and we got along well from the get go. We did some "posed" images with some flash shot through an umbrella and then we tried to just explore and see what we could find a little more casually. We ended up spending over an hour at Kincaid Park along the forested trails and the bluff as well. I look forward to shooting their wedding next summer at Hilltop!

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