January 14, 2011

KVMR Celtic Festival- Reenactment Group Portraits

Happy New Year!

 First of all I want to thank my friend Glen Hall for kicking me in the butt and getting me back to blogging.

 I've got a lot of assignments from the past few months to share. I'm starting with one of my favorites. I've been photographing the Celtic Festival for KVMR radio in Nevada City for about ten years now. I've been more and more excited each year as my skills grow and change and I'll rue the day I don't get to come back! They have a new promoter next year and I've already secured the job again so I'm thrilled!

 I'm going to share these in three different posts starting with the reenactment groups.

 Along with the world class musicians and fantastic artisans, there are several Celtic  groups, clans, etc. that set up, and live in, camps that emulate the time period their particular group represents. There are groups "from" Scotland, England, Ireland, and even the Fairy kingdom.
 A band of pirates invaded the scene this year as well!
  It's a lot of fun. The actors never break form and are in awe of the amazing modern contraption I use to steal their likenesses with.

 As you can guess there are endless portrait opportunities. Colors and textures abound. I get to use every lens and technique I can come up with.

  I literally get lost in this make believe world for two days and am always sad when it ends. Music fills the air constantly, people dance about, a patron meanders by chomping on a turkey leg. The Nevada County Fairground is about as lovely a place as you could find for an event like this as well.

 Ok, enough talk,  here are some photos!!


  1. Good to see you back Wayde. Wonderful portraits, did you find yourself using fill flash?

  2. Hi Mike! I'm glad to hear from you as well!
    I've been meaning to comment on how wonderful it is seeing all the different techniques you're experimenting with on your blog! Keep it up!

  3. Mike, I forgot to address the fill flash question.
    Most of this is natural but there are several photos that I used and off camera flash through an umbrella. This is great to light up your subject and leave the background darker or it's great to use to add warmer color to a subject in shadow. It's fun to experiment with the mix.