March 21, 2011

UC Cooperative Extension, Placer County, CA: Fortezza Vineyard and Winery

This is Lisa Mann, owner of Fortezza Winery in the rolling hills of Placer County, California. I got to spend an afternoon in her vineyard just as they were harvesting grapes at the end of her growing season. It took a little coaxing but Lisa finally allowed herself to be the subject. She was more than willing to give me free reign on her property but she was bashful in front of the lens. I think she finally realized she'd be rid of me sooner if she succumbed to my requests!
 Actually, Lisa was a real pleasure and I think you can see in these photos the love she has for what she is doing. The winery is fairly new but from the taste she gave me I can vouch for her talent as a wine maker.
 As a photographer I love it when all is lush and green but I enjoyed working with the earthier tones here. Lisa herself seemed to blend in quite naturally. Most of these were taken with natural light but I used a gold reflector on some as well. I was getting pretty good at shooting and positioning the fill light at the same time!

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