March 6, 2011

UC Cooperative Extension, Placer County, CA: Blossom Hill farms

The next place I'd like to share from my agricultural assignment in Placer County, California is Blossom Hill Farms in Auburn. When I arrived one of the original owners, Claudia Smith, had just harvested a variety of pumpkins. It was fall and their decorative winter squash was high in demand. Claudia is getting ready to retire and will be leasing her land to Allison Deyo and her husband for the foreseeable future. Allison was eager to show me around and talked a lot about her plans for the various sections of land. We spent time in the greenhouse and in the garden. I was happy that we got to get some poultry images as well.  I felt a true love and passion exude from both women when they talked about the land and what they are able to reap from it. It was obvious that Allison may have a hand in things even after retirement! As ever, I cherished each moment on this lovely farm. Here are some of my favorite images!

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  1. Wonderful photos...thank you for sharing them with the world out there!

    UC Cooperative Extension